State-of-the-Art Hardware

CrossTalk's gear is state-of-the-art!
Thanks to partnerships with major manufacturers, as well as generous support from the College of Fine Arts and the Fred Fox School of Music, CrossTalk is able to keep both hardware and software updated to the very latest versions.

         Percussion Controllers
  • (4) Alternate Mode DrumKAT Turbo
  • (2) Alternate Mode MalletKAT (4 octave)
  • (2) Alternate Mode TrapKAT
  • Korg WaveDrum
  • M-Audio Trigger Finger
  • Roland HandSonic
  • (2) ZenDrum LT (fully wireless)
  • (2) ZenDrum ZX (fully wireless)
         Remote MIDI Controllers
  • (2) Ableton PUSH
  • Livid Base
  • (2) Livid Alias 8
  • Akai APC 40
         Computer and Audio
  • Apple 27" iMac
  • MOTU 828X
  • MOTU MIDI Express XT
  • Shure PSM 200 Wireless In-Ear Monitor

Programming / Editing / Performing
Students in CrossTalk learn how to program and edit the percussion controllers, and gain an in-depth understanding of how hardware and software work together in a live electronic performance.